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These are just some of the hats and fascinators we have to choose from. Prices for fascinators start from £20 and hats range from £40 up to £70.
Sands, Cream & White
Red, Purple & Pink
Pastel Pink & Lilac
Orange & Yellow
Gold, Silver & Grey
Blue, Green & Turquoise
Animal Print

Key tips

  • Flowing dresses go well with floppy hats or wide brimmed hats
  • If you have lots of patterns or detail in your outfit, opt for a plain hat
  • Tight fitting outfits tend to look best with structured hats
  • Having the whole outfit in one colour including the hat has a striking look
  • Nude outfits can be given a splash of colour with a pink or blue headpiece
  • Full skirts are complimented by a wide brim hat to accentuate the waist
  • Jump suits go well with wide brim hats
  • Bold contrasting colours make a big statement


Add a bag

Some of our hats also have the option of hiring a matching bag. These are an additional cost of £30 with a £30 deposit.

Pairing suggestions

When pairing colours for an outfit you can choose to contrast or complement. Generally, to avoid clashing you want to pair pastels together and brights together. Similarly with warm and cool undertones, these should be paired together to create a harmonious look.

Some of the below pairings are very traditional, such as Blue and Red, while others are more unique.


Pastel Blue and Pink

Blue and Red
Orange and Blue
Grey and Pink
Blue and Turquoise
Green and Yellow
Coral and Purple
Orange and Black
Purple and White
Deep Red and Tan